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Hevexia aim to be the leading provider of health and wellbeing solutions.

It is recognised that 50% of people  65 years old and over either have had a fall or have a fear of falling, this leads to a reduction in independence,  greater health and social care costs. People recover better when they are in their own homes however studies show that the majority of us are not consistent with any rehabiltation exercises except when we are being supervised. Furthermore where physiotherapy appointments especially where the clinician has to visit the patient are extremely costly not only in travel costs which is unproductive time but also due to increased congestion these journeys are taking longer.

As we age staying healthy provides long term benefits including retaining independence, and reducing the burden on social care. A h
ealthy ageing evidence review states that by 2018 in the UK

    There will be nearly 7 million older people who cannot walk up a flight of stairs without resting

    There will be over 1 million people 75+ who fnd it difficult to get to their local hospital

    20% of the UK population is over 60

    Older people make up the largest group of patients using the NHS

    Older people account for nearly 60% of the £16.1 billion gross current social care expenditure by local authorities

    Injury due to falls is the leading cause of mortality in older people aged over 75 in the UK, yet the number of people over 85 will double in the next 20 years

Our solutions differ from other offerings in the market place, allowing people not only to retain their independence but also ensure that they are exercising and carrying out rehabilitation routines effectively. The benefits of this to the individual their families and social care organisations cannot be overstated. Unlike other products that focus on detecting falls our solutions look at fall prevention backed by "in house" physiotherapist input to the exercise regime.

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