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Our balance solution "Sta-BLE" is a smart insole that communicates with a smart phone application. Feedback from sensors are sent up to the cloud where they are anaylsed and compared agaianst a baseline, following this tailored exercises can be provided to the individual, which can also be monitored when exercise is undertaken, monitoring duration.

Our solutions look to prevent falls by recognising the events that preceed a fall as well as ensuring post fall rehabilitaton is effective.

Other solutions can only detect falls which while serving a purpose does not help in the anaylsis of why the fall occured or rehabilitation. Our Sta-BLE product can detect falls and through our solution can also automatically summon assistance through a first responder system.

When a fall is detected the mobile app can send an alerting message to a pre defined list of contacts usually family members, if there is no resposnse then to the message then stage two actions can be initiated. This raised alert will enable intervention from the emergency services through our operations centre.

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